Peter Schröder

Phoet, Señor Developer

Möge die Macht mit dir sein

- Jedi

Um ein klein wenig an die Open-Source-Gemeinschaft zurückzugeben, versuche ich in meiner Freizeit ein paar sinnvolle technische Artikel zu schreiben und veröffentliche meinen Quelltext auf GitHub, um mein bescheidenes Wissen unters Volk zu bringen. Auch diese Webseite und das dazugehörige Rails Projekt sind dort zu finden.

GitHub Projekte

  • asin 52 150
    books package Amazon Simple INterface - Support for ItemLookup, SimilarityLookup, Search, BrowseNode and Cart Operations
  • on_ruby 61 117
    gem diamonds Whitelabel Site for Ruby Communities
  • memo-it 1 28
    inbox_tray outbox_tray simple yet clever memoization helper with parameter support
  • bookmark_tabs eyes Helps identifying partials in verbose HTML source code.
  • musical_keyboard dash Pretends you can type really fast
  • whitelabel 3 14
    black_nibname_badge whitelabel your application
  • wrench nut_and_bolt examples for using buildr
  • confiture 1 8
    Easy configuration for your Gem.
  • Examples of Mongo Ruby Driver, Mongoid and MongoMapper running on MongoHQ.
  • asin_web 0 1
    Showcase for the ASIN gem
  • basement 0 1
    basement, my personal homepage aka
  • gdcr11 0 1
    conway's game of life
  • git-clean 0 0
    A Command Line Tool written in Rust for cleaning up local and remote Git branches
  • bitbars 0 0
    my personal bitbar items
  • cequel 0 0
    Ruby ORM for Cassandra with CQL3
  • net-http2 0 0
    NetHttp2 is an HTTP/2 client for Ruby.
  • rails 0 0
    Ruby on Rails
  • Simple, human collaboration
  • aws 0 0
    Thumbor AWS extensions
  • Fastly API Gem
  • Hard fork of turbolinks, adding partial page replacement strategies, and utilities.
  • thumbor 0 0
    thumbor is an open-source photo thumbnail service by
  • snake case hash: a descendent of the 'ruby hash' gem without hashie namespace conflicts
  • The source for Datadog's documentation site.
  • Thumbor S3 backend based on botornado async client.
  • jetpack 0 0
    A custom modular buildpack for Heroku
  • potable_water Heroku Logging Addon Example
  • typhoeus 0 0
    Typhoeus wraps libcurl in order to make fast and reliable requests.
  • my-sha 0 0
    Push current GIT SHA to Heroku

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