Peter Schröder

Phoet, Señor Developer

Plötzliche Regenfälle können zum Betreten einer Buchhandlung zwingen.

- Loriot

In meiner Freizeit lese ich bevorzugt Fachbücher. Dabei sind die Themengebiete breit verstreut, neuerdings fokussiere ich mich jedoch hauptsächlich auf Objective-C/Cocoa und Ruby-Bücher.

Hier eine kleine zufällige Auswahl:

Practical Ruby for System Administration (Expert's Voice in Open Source)
von André Ben Hamou
mit 264 Seiten
aufgelegt Apress 2007-06-25 mit ISBN 9781590598214

Ruby has set the world on fire, proving itself a serious challenger to Perl and Python in all spheres. In particular, more and more people are discovering that Ruby's flexibility, superb feature set, and gentle learning curve make it a natural choice for system administration tasks, from the humblest server to the largest enterprise deployment. Within the pages of Practical Ruby for System Administration, you'll learn the Ruby way to construct files, tap into clouds of data, build domain-specific languages, perform network traffic analysis, and more. Based on author Andre Ben Hamou's own experiences working as a system administrator, this book will help you pick up practical tips on Ruby coding style, learn how to analyze and improve script performance, and make use of no-nonsense advice on scripting workflow, including testing and documentation. Above all, you'll come to appreciate the sheer power of Ruby and the hundreds of benefits it offers for system administration. * This book places equal emphasis on fundamental Ruby concepts as well as practical how-tos. * It uses examples from other languages to ease the transition to Ruby. * The book is concise, entertaining, and informative--unlike many books aimed at system administrators, which can be overly long and stodgy.

Essential System Administration: Tools and Techniques for Linux and Unix Admi...
von Æleen Frisch
mit 1176 Seiten
aufgelegt O'Reilly and Associates 2002-09-03 mit ISBN 9780596003432

The Definitive Guide to Grails, Second Edition (Expert's Voice in Web Develop...
von Graeme Rocher
mit 648 Seiten
aufgelegt Apress/friends of ED 2009-01-01 mit ISBN 9781590599952

The Definitive Guide to Grails In this up-to-date and authoritative guide, Rocher covers all the core features, services, and extensions via plug-ins and is sure to benefit anyone looking for a more agile approach to Web development with such dynamic scripting language as Groovy. Full description

Beginning Iphone 3 Development: Exploring the Iphone SDK
von Dave Mark
mit 588 Seiten
aufgelegt Apress 2009-07-21 mit ISBN 9788131508992

Beginning iPhone 3 Development "A complete course in iPhone and iPod touch programming"--Cover.