Peter Schröder

Phoet, Señor Developer

Plötzliche Regenfälle können zum Betreten einer Buchhandlung zwingen.

- Loriot

In meiner Freizeit lese ich bevorzugt Fachbücher. Dabei sind die Themengebiete breit verstreut, neuerdings fokussiere ich mich jedoch hauptsächlich auf Objective-C/Cocoa und Ruby-Bücher.

Hier eine kleine zufällige Auswahl:

Discover ABAP: Der praktische Einstieg
von Karl-Heinz Kühnhauser, Thorsten Franz
mit 563 Seiten
aufgelegt SAP PRESS 2011-07-28 mit ISBN 9783836217491

Eloquent Ruby (Addison-Wesley Professional Ruby Series)
von Russ Olsen
mit 442 Seiten
aufgelegt Addison-Wesley Professional 2011-02-11 mit ISBN 9780321584106

Eloquent Ruby It's easy to write correct Ruby code, but to gain the fluency needed to write great Ruby code, you must go beyond syntax and absorb the "Ruby way" of thinking and problem solving. In Eloquent Ruby, Russ Olsen helps you write Ruby like true Rubyists do-so you can leverage its immense, surprising power. Olsen draws on years of experience internalizing the Ruby culture and teaching Ruby to other prog... Full description

Domain-Driven Design: Tackling Complexity in the Heart of Software
von Eric J. Evans
mit 529 Seiten
aufgelegt Pearson Professional 2003-08-20 mit ISBN 9780321125217

"Eric Evans has written a fantastic book on how you can make the design of your software match your mental model of the problem domain you are addressing. "His book is very compatible with XP. It is not about drawing pictures of a domain; it is about how you think of it, the language you use to talk about it, and how you organize your software to reflect your improving understanding of it. Eric thinks that learning about your problem domain is as likely to happen at the end of your project as at the beginning, and so refactoring is a big part of his technique. "The book is a fun read. Eric has lots of interesting stories, and he has a way with words. I see this book as essential reading for software developers-it is a future classic." -Ralph Johnson, author of Design Patterns "If you don't think you are getting value from your investment in object-oriented programming, this book will tell you what you've forgotten to do. "Eric Evans convincingly argues for the importance of domain modeling as the central focus of development and provides a solid framework and set of techniques for accomplishing it.This is timeless wisdom, and will hold up long after the methodologies du jour have gone out of fashion." -Dave Collins, author of Designing Object-Oriented User Interfaces "Eric weaves real-world experience modeling-and building-business applications into a practical, useful book. Written from the perspective of a trusted practitioner, Eric's descriptions of ubiquitous language, the benefits of sharing models with users, object life-cycle management, logical and physical application structuring, and the process and results of deep refactoring are major contributions to our field." -Luke Hohmann, author of Beyond Software Architecture "This book belongs on the shelf of every thoughtful software developer." -Kent Beck "What Eric has managed to capture is a part of the design process that experienced object designers have always used, but that we have been singularly unsucc

MacRuby: The Definitive Guide: Ruby and Cocoa on OS X
von Matt Aimonetti
mit 242 Seiten
aufgelegt O'Reilly and Associates 2011-12-01 mit ISBN 9781449380373

MacRuby: The Definitive Guide Want to develop apps for the iPhone and iPad, but prefer to use a friendly language like Ruby? This in-depth guide shows you how MacRuby puts the power of Apple's development tools right at your fingertips. Full description